Instagram, the popular image sharing social network has been hacked again, and there have been numerous images of fruits, fruit salads and smoothies being posted on user accounts. These images are also accompanied with a text message, which reads — the user is trying out a new diet and wants others to check out the link.

Back in June, Instagram was hacked, and a number of fruit images were posted through multiple user accounts. Although Instagram managed to clean up the mess, and it was quick enough to secure the hacked accounts.

Instagram hacked

“Earlier today a small portion of our users experienced a spam incident where unwanted photos were posted from their accounts. Our security and spam team quickly took actions to secure the accounts involved, and the posted photos are being deleted,” said an Instagram spokesperson and confirmed the incident.

Now Instagram has to face the same problem, and once again needs to do a lot of clean up. Consumers have already started complaining about the hack, some on Instagram itself, and some have turned to Twitter. The links posted in the message section leads to a domain that was registered just hours ago, confirming that the domain was specifically intended for the attack.

If you happen to be one of the affected users, you must change your password immediately, but if you are still on the safe side, then don’t click on such links. The press and media have been waiting for Instagram or Facebook to comment on this issue.

Image credit: Graham Hancock


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