Motorola is all set to reveal the Moto X smartphone on August 1, and has started shipping Moto X to various US carriers. The handset will hit store shelves and available for sale about a week after the official unveiling.

Taylor Wimberly’s post on Google+ says that the devices are already being shipped. Recently Google used the same strategy for the new Nexus 7. Google ensured the enough stock available with carriers and retailers first, and then had made it official. By following the similar way for Moto X, consumers will get their hands on the device sooner, and might not have to wait for a long time even if they pre-order it.

The Moto X is the first smartphone that can be customized by consumers at a much deeper level, but this feature will not be available for the handsets purchased through carriers and retail stores. In order to buy your dream Moto X with the color and material of your choice, plus make use of all the other customization options, you will have to order your device online.

This will either be through the Google Play store or Motorola might set up a dedicated website for the same. Once its launched, consumers will just have to go through a number of easy steps in order to customize various aspects of the device and check out once you are ready with the final product.

There have been rumors indicating that the Moto X could be priced as low as $300 without contract, meaning that the subsidized cost of the device could be as low as $100, or even lower. However, there has been no official word about the price from Google or Motorola; hence it would better wait for a few more days and get the official details instead.