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17 Serious New Security Threats Found In Google Chrome – Forbes

Google Chrome users, it’s high alert time. Following a record breaking number of attacks last year, 2022 has started with an even bigger bang and Google has now issued its second serious January upgrade warning to the browser’s two billion users. 
26 new vulnerabilities have been found in Google Chrome
Google made the announcement in a new blog post, revealing 26 new security vulnerabilities have been found in Chrome just two weeks after the company reported 37 exploits. Google states that 16 of these vulnerabilities pose a ‘High’ threat level to users while another is classified as Critically dangerous. Linux, macOS and Windows users are all affected and you must to take immediate action. 
Google is restricting information about the new attacks to buy Chrome users time, but the company has confirmed the areas the new threats are targeting. The Critical and High-rated threats are listed below:

‘Use-After-Free’ (UAF) exploits again prove to be the hackers’ weapon of choice with another eight recorded here. This brings the total number of successful UAF attacks on Chrome to almost 60 since September. UAF vulnerabilities are memory exploits created when a program fails to clear the pointer to the memory after it is freed. 
Heap buffer overflow flaws also remain on the radar, though with fewer hacks than in recent months. Also referred to as ‘Heap Smashing’, memory on the heap is dynamically allocated and typically contains program data. With an overflow, critical data structures can be overwritten which makes it an ideal target for hackers. 
Unusually, Google has also found a number of ‘Inappropriate implementation’ flaws within Chrome that can be exploited in storage, fenced items, push messaging and Chrome’s Service Worker API
What You Need To Do
Responding to these threats, Google has released a new version of Chrome 97 (specifically 97.0.4692.99) for all users. Google states that the release “will roll out over the coming days/weeks”, so it is important to know that you may not be able to protect yourself immediately. 
To check if you are protected, navigate to Settings > Help > About Google Chrome. If your Chrome browser is listed as 97.0.4692.71 or higher, you are safe. If the update is not installed or listed as being available for your browser, check back regularly for the new version. Critically, once you have updated, restart your browser. You are not protected until this is done. 
Google Chrome must be restarted before you are protected
Chrome hacks in 2022 are already up on the start of 2021 and that was a record breaking year. It has never been more important to keep your browser up to date. Check it now. 
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