Apple has recently released the Beta 4 of iOS 7 for its developer community. The beta 4 update brings along a number of changes, improvements and features.

Apple has been having a hard time lately, and the company had to deal with two major problems at almost the same time. First, the company’s developer site was hacked, and then there was a problem with the iPhone’s activation servers. However, Apple has been able to cope up with the problems with a considerable amount of time and effort and has finally fixed these problems.

The good news is that Apple’s iOS 7 beta 4 is now available for developers, and can be downloaded from the developer site. You will need an Apple developer account in order to access this update. This update has build version 11A4435d and comes 3 weeks after beta 3 of iOS 7.

Its good to see that Apple has been able to continue to work on updates for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks despite the problems faced recently. When compared to beta 2 and 3, it took one extra week for beta 4, and the newly added features and improvements should be worth the extra week.

Apple claims to have made changes to the lock screen, improved the Notification Center and added a cancel button on the search screen. The lock screen now contains new Slide to Unlock icon and animation, making it slightly more obvious and easy to use. There are new bar icons for Notification Center and Control center. Apart all, the most visible changes have been made to the phone app, which now includes refined Answer, End, Decline, Remind Me and Message buttons. Another new feature is the ability to set up a completely new Apple TV from an iPhone running iOS 7.

Here’s the download link for the iOS 7 Beta 4. What do you think of the pr- release version? Let us know in the comments.