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Microsoft Working on Notification Pane for Outlook Windows –



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If you use the desktop version of the Outlook app on Windows, you know how messy notifications can get when they hit your notifications center. Yet Microsoft has a notifications pane that’s used at the top right of the screen on Outlook on the Web as a good way to ensure you won’t miss emails and other items. With that possibly in mind, turns out that the dedicated Outlook desktop app on Windows could get something similar, too (via Neowin.)
Indeed, per the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft is working on a notification pane for Outlook for Windows. The feature is set for general availability next month in June, and is designed to help you stay connected with updates like @mentions, that otherwise might have been missed in regular mail. Of course, Microsoft also suggests that Office Insiders will get it first, through the Current Channel Preview, then a rollout for everyone else.
We don’t know what the notifications pane will end up looking like, but this does seem pretty useful. Hopefully, it ends up similar to what is already on That notifications pane sits out of the way at the top right of the screen and can be customized to show email mentions, likes, and document mentions. Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below.
wow: Look at that lack of bezel.. Surfacebook has been the exact same design for like 8 years. It was a good deosgn when it came out…
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Restore Solutions: We are still knee deep in converting to core as we so much legacy code to deal with. At this rate it is likely going to take another 6 months yet.and by then there will be updates etc to deal with. I envy the startups…
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Andrew Scott: I’m glad I bought the gta definitive edition. It would suck a lot of I didn’t.
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Grey: And like any reply suggestion feature, I rushed to turn it off as soon as it showed up. It is a plague on software.
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maouriceg: Agreed, my team ended up doing something similar, the result was a much lighter solution which ultimately performed better and was easier to maintain.
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