After one and half months of the iPhone version, Microsoft has finally announced the availability of Office Mobile for Android. Users with Office 365 subscription can now view and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on their Android devices. Unfortunately, tablet users will have to rely on the Office Web Apps as Office Mobile is optimized for smaller screens only.

Office Mobile for Android is available for free as on Windows Phone, and the productivity suite includes all the features that have already been seen on the Apple platform. Just like the iPhone version, Office Mobile for Android doesn’t include the option to purchase a subscription to Office 365.


The suite features three sections: First tab, You will see the most recent documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the start page when you sign in with Microsoft account. You need to be connected to the network to work on a document that is stored online. You can view or edit recently used documents even while you are offline. The app automatically synchronize the documents when your device reconnects to the network.

Second tab, which allows you to access connected cloud storage locations and add additional locations, such as SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint site.

Third tab that lets you to create a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet while PowerPoint presentations are only available for editing the text and notes as it is quite complex to create a slide from scratch using only your fingers. You can also open and edit files attached to emails.

The resume reading feature allows you to open a Word document in the exact spot where it was interrupted on PC. The menu bar disappears a few seconds after that allows you to focus on the content. Word allows various formatting features including font color and background color, font size, bold, italic and underlined. The documents can be saved to SkyDrive or shared via email as well.

Excel provides features like AutoSum, search and filtering the data. To create a chart quickly, simply select the data cells, while the formatting options include currency and percentage formats for numbers. PowerPoint displays a Slide Navigator to browse the presentation and jump from one slide to another quickly. You can review, edit speaker’s notes and edit texts of slides directly from your phone. The setting page allows you to add your identity for comments and resetting the app to the initial state. You can also delete all your documents and cloud storage locations from the phone.

While Office Mobile for Android may provide a value for some users, the reality is that most Microsoft Office users can’t take benefits from this app until they have Office 365 subscription.