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Disappointment for Chinese: Apple cuts orders for iPhone 14 screens from BOE – Gizchina.com

This year, Apple is expected to release four models as part of the iPhone 14 series, which will include the iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max in addition to the base version. Insiders have already managed to give a price forecast, where all models except the iPhone 14 will add $100 in price. But how is Apple going to keep the price tag of the base model at the level of the iPhone 13?
Earlier, a message appeared on the network, citing sources in the industry, that one of the suppliers of displays for the iPhone 14 will be the Chinese company BOE. After several years of attempts and trials, the Chinese still managed to get the coveted contract with Apple. It was rumored that at last the Chinese company managed to create a panel; the quality of which meets all the requirements of Apple and it costs a little cheaper than analogues from competitors.
But the Chinese would not be themselves if they did not try to cheat. The Elec reports that Apple has discovered that without its approval and in deviance from the agreed patterns, BOE arbitrarily changed the design of OLED panels. It has been simplified to speed up the pace of display production in the face of increased demand for them.
Apple has decided to reduce the share of screens from BOE, and redirected part of the order to LG. But the concern from Cupertino will not completely refuse the services of a Chinese company. Perhaps this is due to the inability to transfer the entire BOE order to other suppliers due to heavy workload. Yes, and time is running out, the assembly of the iPhone 14 will start soon.
iPhone 14
Chinese sources say Foxconn, the largest assembler of Apple equipment, is increasing the number of employees; due to strong sales of the iPhone 13 series and increased order volume. It is also reported that the iPhone 14 may start to be assembled ahead of schedule.
The Foxconn iDPBG business group’s Zhengzhou, China plant announced this week that it is hiring employees. They will receive a 30 percent increase in their hiring bonus.
We recently learned that Apple increased orders for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max by 10 million units in the second quarter; which will have a very positive impact on the average iPhone selling price and revenue figures.
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