You might have seen the picture of the budget iPhone (also known as iPhone 5C) containers made of polycarbonate. The cases imprinted iPhone 5C were being considered the low-cost smartphone by Apple but according to the latest report from Bloomberg – the name “iPhone 5C” is the real name, but the packaging is utterly false.

Bloomberg cleared precisely in additional report that the packaging of the future low-cost iPhone appeared online couldn’t be true for two reasons. First, photographic inconsistencies. Second, the abandon of much eco-friendly cardboard packaging being used for years by Apple. Though the name and font could be real.

However it is not clear yet what the “C” added to the name. If we look back upon history, and what do we see that the “S” in iPhone 3GS meant “Speed” and “Siri” in iPhone 4S, although some speculated “S” for “Steve.” While an unknown source has claimed that Apple is calling the gen-next iPhone as “iPhone 5C” with the “C” standing for “Color” internally, but some other interpretations have also been in the rumor mill such as Cost, Customer, Cheap or Cheaper.

Apart all, there has also been another theory. It is being said that the device may settle for a price threshold of $300, which is not suitable for entry-level users. Whatever the significance of the letter “C” we’ll come to know this fall as soon as Cupertino Calif.-based Apple will announce its new iPhone. The device reportedly will be powered by an A6 family processor and 1GB of RAM, sporting a 4-inch display, 8-megapixel camera with LED flash.

In the meantime, Amazon has added a pinch of salt and showed a case cover for the budget iPhone that would be in stock late August.


However, iPhone 5C will not be the only smartphone from Apple this year. In fact, the company has plans to introduce the next flagship device — iPhone 5S in between September and October. It would be beautifully identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 5 and will be equipped 12-megapixel camera with a dual LED flash, 2GB of RAM, an A7 family processor and a fingerprint reader nestled directly in the Home button.