According to recent rumors, Apple iPad Mini 2 will feature a retina display from Samsung. In recent months, Apple has been trying to reduce its dependency on the supplier and competitor, Samsung. With the successor model of the iPad Mini, however, the Cupertino Calf.-based Company does not yet seem to have succeeded.

The Wall Street Journal claims to have learned from industry sources, and reported that the new iPad Mini 2 would have the Retina display from Samsung and the mass production could kick off in few weeks.

The first iPad Mini was released in November 2012, and now Apple is reportedly aiming to announce its successor in Q4 of 2013. While only few changes are in cards for the 7.9-inch tablet, Apple is apparently testing a high-resolution Retina display in the new model with different vibrant colors.

“Retina displays” in which the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels, consume more power and are slightly thicker. It was the main reason that Apple waived last year in the first generation of its smaller iPad model.

Originally Sharp and LG Display should provide the displays for Apple’s iPad Mini, but to ensure adequate delivery quota, Apple has to get into the Samsung boat. Though an official confirmation that Apple has collaborated with Samsung, is still pending. The announcement of the new iPad mini is expected in the autumn.

In the meantime, 9to5Mac has also reported some references to non-Retina iPad Mini with an A6 processor in iOS 7 beta 4 code. So that things seem quite contradictory as of now, but can’t be denied as competition rose from 7″ devices such as the next-gen Kindle Fire HD and the new Nexus 7.