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Intel Ivy Bridge E processors Availability and Prices


A recent report from a Chinese website claims that Intel will unveil three new processors under the Intel Ivy Bridge E series. These processors are expected to be released before Intel’s Haswell E series of chipset that are scheduled for launch next year.

In the recent past, leaked slides surfaced on the Internet revealing that Intel has plans to unveil an extremely powerful yet efficient family of processors called Intel Haswell E. But this is not the only processor family that the company seems to be working on. The Chinese website even listed out the three new processors that will be a part of the Ivy Bridge E series, they are the Core i7 4960X, Core i7 4930K and Core i7 4820K.

According to the sources that provided this information, Intel is set to release these next-gen CPUs on September 10th. Each of these chipsets will match the Intel X79 series of chips and will use LGA 2011 socket. Hence consumers who already have motherboards compatible with these chipsets will only need a BIOS update in order to use them.

We also have good news for consumers who are always cautious about their budget when it comes to upgrading their hardware. VRZone had put up the prices at which these different chipsets would be available in the market later in September.


The site has clearly mentioned that these prices are estimations and consumers should use this information as a guideline. The final prices would be available only once the chips are released, and pricing could vary depending upon the markets and regions.

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