Nokia is planning an event on September 26-27th in New York City. It’s not clear whether it will be a public press event or an internal event, however, claims are being made that Nokia has plans to unveil its new Windows tablet at the event.

The New York City location has been important and special for Nokia. The company has unveiled the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 1020 at this same location, and it seems that Nokia is ready to make yet another announcement. Even though there are no details about the event and its agenda, but it’s being speculated that we might get to see the very first Windows tablet by Nokia.

Nokia Windows Tablet

Nokia has already come up with its new flagship device, and presumably is not willing to come up with another Lumia smartphone to rival its own creation. In fact, the right thing for Nokia would be to release a Lumia tablet to accompany the Lumia smartphones. This will help Nokia boost sales and at the same time serve as a treat for consumers who are already into the Windows ecosystem.

Nokia has always been very specific about its devices, and the way and location in which they are released. The company usually unveils non-US focused smartphones in London, and other mid-segment smartphones etc. are showed off at technology conferences like CES.

However, there is another device that could be unveiled at the event instead of the tablet – the Lumia phablet. Recently, there have been a number of leaked images and specs sheet about a phablet device with large screen. Taking into consideration the leaked images, this phablet could very well be a part of the Lumia series running on Window Phone 8.

Nokia might unveil the new tablet or phablet or both, and might set the availability for November. At the same time, Microsoft will roll out the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update that will bring 1080p support to the platform.

Recently, a device named Nokia RX 114 was spotted in GFXBench. The device had a display resolution of 1371 x 771 pixels, a resolution that has never been seen before. This device could be in the pipeline, as Nokia tries to come up with its major release for this quarter.

Image courtesy: WPCentral