Apple has acquired Passif Semiconductor, a California-based company specializing in the production of ultra-low power chips for Bluetooth, although the details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Passif Semiconductor founded by two graduate students at University of California, Berkeley, is dedicated to creating small and low power consumption chipset for devices that take advantage of Bluetooth technology. In 2008, the company received a significant funding of $ 1.6 million from Khosla Ventures, and now has been acquired by Apple.

The company will join the swarm of recent acquisitions by Cupertino, and could help in developing iWatch-like wearable device that may be submitted by the end of the year or early 2014.

The Cupertino has confirmed the acquisition. Among the recent similar operations, the most important is the Autentech, a company specializing in the production of biometric systems for small devices.

Although, it is not known how Apple will make use of the expertise of Passif. iWatch-like wearable devices are really-really small, and it can only get better with the use of ultra-low power chipset because its aesthetic nature doesn’t allow the use of large batteries. In addition, the Bluetooth connectivity is essential for the smart watches to communicate with other devices such as the iPhone and iPad – to manage the combined functions of Call, Notes, Reminders and more.

The rumors have been flying for some time about the iWatch, the first wearable device from Apple is currently only in the pipeline but lacking the official confirmation. Among the possible functions, the worn-device will include the ability to read the biometric data of the user, such as body temperature, blood pressure and much more.

Moreover, Apple has plans to unveil a number of new devices this year, including flagship devices like the iPhone 5S, Apple iPad Mini 2 and many more. One such device also happens to be the Apple iWatch as Apple filed a patent application for iWatch in Japan, and earlier we even heard about Apple filing for the iWatch trademark in Russia.