New alleged videos showcasing the Apple iPad 5 case and iPhone 5C case have surfaced on YouTube, which give us a clear look at what we could expect from Apple in coming months.

It’s almost mid-Q3 of this year, and there are no official updates from apple regarding new line up of iOS devices; nonetheless it doesn’t mean that Apple has no special plans. In fact, the company might unveil more iOS devices at a time than ever before. To be specific, the rumored line up is big – iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, iPhone 5C, iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.

None of these devices has been officially confirmed by Apple yet; however, every now and then each one of them has been visiting the rumor mill. The good news is that we now have interesting updates regarding the fifth-generation iPad and the budget iPhone that is being referred to as iPhone 5C, the iPhone whose camera is expected to be as good as the iPhone 5 flagship.

Leaked videos that show the casing of the iPad 5 and iPhone 5C were rolled out by Maco Takara. After analyzing these videos, we have found that the iPad 5 will have a much slimmer design with smaller bezels, very much like the iPad Mini. In fact, the tablet will look very much like the iPad Mini.

The other video enlightens the design of the iPhone 5C, the iPhone that will appeal to the general audience, even those who have a tight budget. If you are interested in these upcoming iOS devices, you must check out the videos.

Besides Apple iPad 5 and iPhone 5C, the next-gen iPad Mini is also in the queue. Recently, few new images of Apple iPad Mini 2 leaked online showing the rear panel. This panel is exactly identical to one present on the iPad Mini, but with one major difference. Instead of printing the Apple logo on the outside, it has been molded out of plastic and has been placed in a cutout in the metal shell.


Interestingly, it also seems to be the way in which the logo on the iPad 5 is being placed. You might have already noticed that there is no “iPad” written on the rear panel, but it doesn’t raise any doubt. Perhaps the part might not have reached the area on the assembly line where the word gets printed.

With a number of devices lined up for release, we expect the market to be blessed with a number of new Apple products this fall. Thus, September and October are crucial months for gadget lovers, so if you haven’t bought your new smart device yet, its better wait for some more time.