The rumor mill seems to have churned out wrong information about one of the most anticipated smartphone of the year, the Apple iPhone 5S. It seems the Apple iPhone 5S will not have a fingerprint sensor onboard, even though a number of reports in the past said that it would.

We have potential update for consumers who were expecting the iPhone 5S to come equipped with a fingerprint sensor. A number of Apple iPhone 5S hardware components were discovered over the weekend, but none of them include or even resemble the hardware components required for a fingerprint sensor. The conclusion – no fingerprint sensor on the Apple iPhone 5S!


The hardware components were analyzed in detail by Know Your Mobile, and Clare Hopping explained:

The home button flex [pictured above] doesn’t show any extra fingerprint scanning technology, even after the code for biometric support showed up in iOS 7′s back end. Other parts leaked by the website show the speaker flex, Wi-Fi flex, on/off cable and vibrator module.

Of course, these parts could relate to the current iPhone 5 for all we know, but one thing is for sure: Apple will be releasing a new iPhone in the coming weeks, but whether it’s the iPhone 6, iPhone Light or iPhone 5S remains to be seen.

Clare also said that the source of these images and the images couldn’t be completely trusted. Since there has been no official announcement from Apple, it would be safe to consider them as rumors. So if the rumor mill were wrong about the fingerprint sensor, it would end up disappointing a number of Apple consumers.

Apple iPhone sales have already been affected by next-gen Samsung smartphones, and the Cupertino based company doesn’t want to upset consumers right now. Apple is expected to unveil two variants of iPhone in the fall this year, the iPhone 5C which will be the budget smartphone and the iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) which will be the new flagship iPhone. The only way to find out about the unique features on the next-gen flagship is to wait for Apple to unveil the device, or at least give us a hint.