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Innovating with Faster Speeds on AT&T 5G – AT&T Newsroom

People are on the move and the need for connectivity moves with us. AT&T 5G helps communities stay connected to fast, reliable and secure mobile experiences to help simplify, enhance and change lives.  

The AT&T Nationwide 5G network serves nearly 288 million people in nearly 24,000 cities and towns across the U.S.
AT&T 5G+ is even faster and more responsive giving customers reliable connectivity for the most demanding apps, services and new 5G innovations. From gaming to streaming to improving network resiliency, 5G+ will make it all feel seamless. Learn more about 5G+ coverage and 5G coverage here.
AT&T has the solutions our customers need to connect to greater possibility. AT&T 5G unlocks new mobile experiences and drives the next wave of innovation for consumers, businesses, first responders and government agencies with fast, reliable and secure connectivity. And AT&T Fiber, the backbone of our wireless network, makes our 5G network stronger. Our combination of 5G and fiber helps people stay connected at home, at work or wherever they are. 

AT&T 5G is rapidly expanding and connecting people to moments that matter most. From everyday situations to life-changing events, we’ve invested billions and continue to expand 5G. 
Smarter, Faster, Farther, Safer – Upgrading the Network for Customers, Developers, and Everyone Else
AT&T Expands 5G and Fiber to Connect Rural, Urban and Tribal Communities Nationwide
AT&T Launching a Dozen 5G “Edge Zones” Across the U.S. by End of Year to Enable Next Generation of Network Services

AT&T 5G is reimagining experiences that put our customers at the center of it all. We’re in the early decade of what 5G can do but it’s already bringing magic to work, life and play.  
AT&T Evolves the WNBA Fan Experience with the Newest Version of AT&T 5G Game View™
AT&T 5G Tackles Summer Learning Loss with Interactive, Immersive Math Experiences for Boddle App
AT&T Private 5G Edge to Make Networks Smarter and Faster

AT&T 5G makes it possible for businesses to think and operate differently, driving innovations for today and for the future. Faster speeds, lower latency and massive connectivity open new possibilities for businesses to revolutionize industries.
Driving Connected Transportation to the Next Level
AT&T 5G: Helping Reimagine Health
AT&T and IBM Bring the Power of 5G, Hybrid Cloud and AI to Drive Innovation for Clients Across Industries

AT&T 5G transforms government operations by connecting communities and strengthens public safety communications by helping save lives with 5G on FirstNet. Public-private partnerships will continue to play a vital role in building a better and more connected future.
Preserving Cherokee Nation Traditions with AT&T Connectivity
Modernizing Communications for the Air and Space Forces
FirstNet Expands 5G and In-Building Connectivity for First Responders

AT&T 5G is changing the learning landscape by transforming college and university labs, curriculum, and the campus experience. Connectivity has the power to deliver engaging, personalized learning to advance students’ success in education and fuel 5G innovations on campuses with our future leaders.
AT&T 5G Lab Dedicated on Campus
5G Research Testbed at RELLIS Opens for Business of Innovation