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Watch Apple's 19-minute M2 MacBook Pro and Mini intro video – The Verge

By Richard Lawler, a senior editor following news across tech, culture, policy, and entertainment. He joined The Verge in 2021 after several years covering news at Engadget.
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Today’s introduction of new Pro and Max variants of Apple’s M2 chip — as well as MacBook Pro laptops and a Mac Mini desktop to hold them — didn’t come with a trip to Apple Park. Don’t worry, though; the company still put its presentation machine to work on this 19-minute video singing the praises of Apple silicon.
If you need to hear what the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro can do with the higher-horsepower chips instead of simply reading a spec sheet or watch coders do their thing while impressed with the extra battery life, it’s all here in this 19-minute infomercial.
It also gives us an opportunity to hear directly from folks like Apple hardware engineering senior vice president John Ternus, Mac senior program engineering manager Erin Turullols, vice president of platform architecture Tim Millet, and others.
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