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Someone could be snooping on your Netflix watch history right now.
Or perhaps there’s an old-friend-turned-nemesis out there binge watching TV shows from your Netflix account. You know, the one you spend your hard-earned money on?
If you’ve ever shared your Netflix account with someone, it’s possible that they still have access and you don’t even know it. Even if you don’t mind them using it because you’re the generous type, this could still pose problems for you.
On Netflix’s standard $13.99 plan, for example, a maximum of two screens can be used to watch content at the same time. If you’ve got more than two people trying to watch on their TV or mobile device, then someone is going to be blocked from watching — and that would really suck if that was you, the person paying for the account.
So, in order to protect yourself and your ability to watch whatever you want, whenever you want, here’s how to check and see who has got access to your Netflix account:
First, log in to your Netflix account from your computer.
Once in, select your profile and you’ll be on the main Netflix menu, where you’ll see your profile icon on the upper right part of the screen.
Hover over the profile icon and select “Account” from the dropdown menu.
Scroll down to the Settings section and click the “Recent device streaming activity” link.
There you will see a list of devices, locations, and IP addresses that have recently been used to access your account.
From here, you can easily tell if someone other than you is using your account. For example, is there a type of device that does not match the one you use to watch Netflix? Does one of the locations or IP addresses not match your home or anywhere that you watch Netflix? Then obviously that’s someone else who’s logging into your account!
Obviously, if there are devices or locations you don’t recognize accessing your account, you want to remove them. But even if you know who else has access to your account and are fine with that now, there may come a time where you’re not.
Now that you’ve determined who has been watching Netflix using your login, here’s how to boot everyone off of your account:
Go to the “Account” page under your profile once again.
Under Settings click “Sign out of all devices.”
Netflix will ask you if you’re sure you want to do this, you’ll select the “Sign out” option.
Return to the “Account” page and change your password.
This process will require that you sign back into your account and reconnect your devices. It’s unfortunately the only way to remove people who are using your account. But, it’s worth it!
(Note: These steps will also remove any access granted to third-party devices stop them from signing back into your account.)
And that’s it! No more snoopers, no more moochers, your Netflix account is all yours once again. Now celebrate by watching one of the dozen sequels to The Purge.
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