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iPhone 16 Ultra Will Launch As The Highest-End Model That Will Not Replace The iPhone 16 Pro Max In 2024 – Wccftech

Apple released the new Apple Watch Ultra last year alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2. The wearable comes with a boatload of new forward-facing features and has been received pretty well. It is the company’s most capable and expensive wearable to date. Now, Apple is looking to use the ‘Ultra’ approach in the iPhone lineup. According to a prominent analyst, Apple is considering a new highest-end iPhone 16 Ultra model that will launch alongside the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max next year.
Apple has a lot in store for users next year. The company is planning to bring major changes to the iPad Pro and iPhone lineup. Gurman shared last year in September that Apple will potentially launch the iPhone 15 Ultra this year, which will replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max. In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman highlights that Apple is considering launching an ‘Ultra’ iPhone as the highest-end iPhone next year. Apart from this, the iPhone 16 Ultra will be the company’s most expensive iPhone as well.
Apple adopted the same approach in its Apple Watch lineup. The company continues to sell the standard Apple Watch Series 8 models and has also released a higher-end Apple Watch Ultra. Gurman says that  “instead of renaming the Pro Max ‘the Ultra,’ Apple could add an even higher-end iPhone above both Pro models.” Furthermore, Apple has internally discussed the idea, and the iPhone 16 Ultra launch is slated to arrive next year.
At this point, it is unclear how Apple will position the iPhone 16 Ultra and what will set it apart from the standard iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max. According to the analyst, the iPhone 16 Ultra could launch with a faster processor for enhanced performance capabilities, a larger display with dedicated software support for additional features, a new design, and USB-C. With all of the listed features, Apple will raise the price of the device. Currently, the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at $1,099.
The iPhone 16 Ultra could have dedicated features in store for users. For instance, Apple implemented the Stage Manager feature on iPad models with an M-series chip. While the rest of the lineup features an app-switching multitasking interface, iPad models with an M1 or M2 chip come with a dedicated interface that makes multitasking easier. Henceforth, with the launch of the iPhone 16 Ultra, Apple could potentially add support for split screen, dividing iOS within the product category.
Take note that these are mere speculations at this point, and the final word rests with Apple. We will share more details on the iPhone 16 Ultra launch as soon as further details are available. Do you think Apple should offer a split-screen view on current iPhone models? Let us know in the comments.
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