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xQc hilariously reacts to Valorant’s massive 1TB download size – Sportskeeda

Recently, on April 11, 2022, Twitch icon xQc hilariously reacted to Valorant’s massive 1TB download size. Valorant has been one of the biggest releases of recent times, boasting over 13 million players on average each month.
Although the numbers increase with each passing day, Valorant never fails to bring constant new changes to the game, making it more and more fascinating for players.
With each update, Valorant always brings a plethora of exciting new content to the game, whether it be new maps or relevant weapon upgrades. Since its inception, the title has polished its gameplay and aesthetics. However, as expected, nothing comes at a fair cost. And in this case, it’s obviously disk space.
Streamer Felix “xQc” reacting to Valorant’s 1TB size may be one of the funniest clips on the internet today. In a recent stream, the Twitch icon reacted hilariously to Valorant’s massive size.
As can be seen in the video below, when xQc found out about this size, he went to his disk storage settings just to double check everything before giving out his reaction.
Once he confirmed that it’s actually taking almost 1TB of space on his PC, the Twitch star freaked out. In response to this, he could only exclaim “oh my god” for the longest time and appeared to be extremely puzzled at the revelation.
Naturally, anyone would be bewildered by these huge numbers as storage spaces are one of the major aspects of titles in terms of popularity.
The streamer screams in disbelief:
However, interestingly, even though Valorant is now a two-year old title, it doesn’t take up much space on the PC as compared to other widely popular games. Right now, the actual size of Valorant after the January 3.12 patch is over 20 GB. What xQc found in his storage space was essentially a visual bug that was almost a year old.
As expected, viewers were quite surprised at first as well. Many even went on to check their Valorant storage before claiming anything.
So, all in all, it seems like this is just a visual bug and nothing major. Basically, this means that the title claims to have way more storage than what it’s actually occupying on the PC. So, both xQc and Valorant fans can breathe a sigh of relief.
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