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Valorant: How to download and play Valorant in India – Sportskeeda

Riot Games FPS title Valorant finally made its global release on 2nd June. Earlier, the game was under closed beta testing for a few months which created a storm in the gaming community. Several CS:GO professional players have announced the retirement from the game and decided to shift to Valorant.
Considering the servers and latency of the game, Riot Games have established several new servers in different regions. However, the Indian players will be routed to Singapore servers for now but Valorant has confirmed that they have plans to establish Indian servers in the future. Here you can read the official statement.
Valorant is now available to play for every region and players residing in India can follow the guide below to download and play Valorant in India.
The first thing you need is an account to login in Valorant. To make one for yours, head over to https://playvalorant.com/en-us/ and click on play now. Further, you can make a new account for Valorant via ‘Make one’ button. Fill all the required details and remember the login details for future use.
The next thing you need to do is download the game itself. You can download the game from this link https://playvalorant.com/en-gb/download/. Once the download completes, navigate to the setup file and open it. The game will ask for a few permissions. Grant all of them and start the installation process.
Once the installation completes, the game will prompt you to restart your system. Simply restart your desktop/laptop to enable the Vanguard anti-cheat software of the game. After that, Vanguard will load in the notification bar every time your system boots up.
The last step is to fill all the credentials i.e username and password. After filling it, hit the login button and launch the game. Complete all the tutorials and practice session.
After following all the steps, you are good to play your first unranked match of the game. Once you complete 10 wins, the ranked mode will get unlock.
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