Microsoft has officially launched a new suite of apps based on its Bing search engine. These apps are being called as Bing Apps, which happen to be a collection of four different apps. These apps include Sports, News, Weather and Finance, and they even come with Live Tile support on Windows Phone 8 devices.

These new Bing based apps bring a lot of new things to the table. Most importantly, you can now have all these apps sitting right on your home screen as most consumers would prefer. You will now be able to access all the latest news right on your home screen, allowing you to get information and updates in the fastest way possible. Windows Phone consumers are very much used to the “glance and go” way of checking out apps, and you will be able to do the same with these apps.

With the launch of Bing Apps on the Windows Phone platform, consumers already using the suite on the Windows 8 will be able to use it on multiple devices seamlessly. Microsoft has done an excellent job, allowing consumers to get the same experience on multiple platforms.

Want to keep tabs on what’s happening in the world? The Bing News app for Windows Phone has you covered. With the new app, you have one comprehensive experience to keep tabs on the latest headlines and videos of breaking news. And the app is customizable so you can track specific story categories, topics, or news sources that matter to you. You can even rearrange the headline clusters so that the news that matters most to you is at the top.

Keep tabs on your portfolio and gauge performance of your stocks at a glance with the Bing Finance app which include financial news, market info, watchlists, timely US stock updates and customizable interactive charts.

Each of these apps allows you to customize a lot of stuff so that you can get the news and updates as and when you want them. The apps also include a feature wherein you can restrict background data usage to Wi-Fi only. The apps do lack some wanted features like lockscreen support and article sharing, but Microsoft should take care of it in the updates to come. If you are interested, you should check out Bing apps on the store and let us know about the features you like and the ones you want to be added.


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