Amazon is reportedly preparing a gaming console based on Android, which is expected to debut on the market later this year, probably on Black Friday i.e. November 29. This is what we read in a report from Game Informer, who claims to have learned the information from sources close to the project.

Amazon’s console will have its own controllers and use the library of applications already available on the Amazon App Store for Android. VentureBeat also confirms, it currently remain only a rumor that the group is being led by Jeff Bezos is focusing on a rich lineup of casual games, to push the device between the mass audience. Amazon would also taking a large number of game developers.

Unfortunately, there are no additional information about the project, but it should become a reality soon and could shake up the Android gaming market, which is currently owned by devices such as Ouya, GameStick and NVIDIA Shield. Amazon is now a very strong brand globally, and the company is proposing the proprietary devices at a very low cost to the public. Just like its Kindle and Kindle Fire tablets, this console should be sold at a very affordable price, thus attracting the interest of those who want an entertainment system at home, which is compatible with the full lineup of Android games, and it is not as expensive as the big market, or Xbox and PlayStation.

Besides, numerous rumors are flying that Apple and Google are also interested and may launch its own gaming console to push the business further. Perhaps Amazon may get ahead of them, introducing its system before the end of the year, just in time for holiday shopping season.


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