While users are still waiting for GDR2 update on their Windows Phone 8 smartphones, Microsoft has already started testing the next update, Windows Phone 8 GDR3, which is expected to be released later this year. In addition to support for phablet devices, the Redmond Company will introduce several new features and improve existing functionality in this release.

With the arrival of the GDR3 update, Windows Phone 8 will be ready for future smartphones with a 1080p display and quad-core processors. According to recent rumors, Nokia has already started production of a screen with more than 5 inches for Lumia lineup. Therefore, many of the new features have been developed to take advantage of the increased viewing area. One of them is the rotation lock (or auto-rotate screen) that disables the automatic rotation in Windows Phone 8. Another change concerns the user interface, in which a new icon for the network status and a slight restyling of the live tile are included. While, it is not clear, yet that will change tile size or add a fifth column to fill the full HD display.

Microsoft will introduce a feature that allows you to synchronize text messages from Windows Phone to a PC and the web. Users will be able to view the SMS without using your smartphone. Lately, a Reddit user has also confirmed the availability of two other functions: closing the app via the multitasking and NFC pairing without confirmation.

As per agenda, the engineers in Redmond will complete the development of GDR3 by mid-September while Nokia will be preparing a new Lumia smartphone with full HD display. The update will be preinstalled on new devices and is expected to arrive on existing models by December.

Moreover, Lumia users who have installed the GDR2 update, have reported that the new firmware released by Nokia includes a filter that allows to block calls and text messages, and a live tile on the Start screen showing the count of blocked telephone numbers and messages.


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