While iPad 5 release date due on this fall and Apple is still mum, there’s been a rumor about the 9.7-inch tablet, iPad 5, has been through a complete overhaul and would be getting a design similar to the current iPad Mini.

An Australian company MacFixIt selling the spare parts of mobile devices for years has spotted some parts of iPad 5 before the tablet’s debut to the public. After analyzing leaked photos, which indicate the possible inclusion of a translucent Apple logo, and seems to confirm all the rumors emerged over the past months that iPad 5 would be identical to the iPad Mini. Now, it is likely to come with reduced width with a very thin bezel on the sides.

macfixit ipad 5 front

Additionally, it also exhibits the touchscreen panel’s connectors, which has lesser in length than the previous generation.

macfixit ipad 5 part number

The glass shown by the Australian company seems to be authentic in direct comparison with iPad Mini 2 shell, which appeared online few days ago. The Cupertino giant seems to have confirmed and finalized the design: aluminum on the rear, and the front surface in two canonical colors of black and white.

Moreover, there’s been very fewer details leaked regarding the specs and features of iPad 5. In fact, it is not expected as the great revolution in iPad 5, in terms of hardware configuration. The tablet probably have an A7 family processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera, and Retina display similar to iPad 4.

However, it is rumored that Apple may possibly employ ultra-high performance IGZO screens, developed and manufactured by Sharp. The use of IGZO screens will greatly reduce the energy requirements so that the battery life will significantly improve. Apple iPad 5 may make an appearance in the market later this fall, followed by iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.