The Google Glass release date is approaching near and according to rumors, the innovative Android-based wearable tech glasses may have a more affordable price than expected, around $299 without accessories.

Jason Tsai, Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute, said that the Google Glass would cost a little less than $300 at the time of public launch. This is because the price of components required to build a unit are lesser now. For example, the component of Himax Display, which projects images to the eye of the user, costs $30 roughly. Moreover, Google has recently announced the acquisition of a stake of 6.3% in Himai Display.

Besides, Google co-founder Sergey Brin has said earlier that it will be sold for a “significantly lower cost” when it will be released, either later this year or early next year.


Hence, Google Glass could prove to be much more accessible than predicted by many experts, who suggested a figure of $500 initially. In any case, the cost would be a far cry from what the Google Glass costs today. The Explorer Edition of Google Glass for developers is available in limited numbers and costs over $1500.

Many market experts estimate that the wearable technology will be a serious market for manufacturers of consumer electronics, over the next few years. Putting Glass for sale at an affordable price, Google could attract any geek or fan of technology and could stimulate the growth of this new market. However, the Mountain View giant has not confirmed the rumors yet.