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Last updated: June 2nd, 2023 at 11:21 UTC+02:00
Android smartphones don’t have an iPhone-like Battery Health feature that displays a battery’s maximum remaining capacity compared to the original capacity. Samsung shows battery health in the Samsung Members app, but it doesn’t display an accurate percentage of remaining capacity as iPhones do. However, with Android 14, Google has added new capabilities that could bring detailed battery health statistics to Android phones and tablets.
Android expert Mishaal Rahman has revealed that Google has added new capabilities to the BatteryManager APIs with Android 14. These new capabilities allow devices to report more detailed information about battery health, including battery charge cycle count, charging policy, charging status, date of first use, manufacturing date, and the state of health. However, these new APIs are currently only available on Pixel devices running Android 14 Beta 2 (or newer).
However, the data reflected by new BatteryHealth APIs depends on the capabilities of the charging IC (integrated chip) and HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), so the accuracy may vary depending on the smartphone or tablet. A charging IC is a chip that controls the battery charging of a device.
The battery health statistics shown in the image below are through an app called Batt that uses new BatteryHealth APIs. It is possible that Samsung may use these new BatteryHealth APIs in Android 14-based One UI 6.0 to accurately surface more battery health-related information on Galaxy smartphones and tablets.
Android 14 Battery Health Statistics
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