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The best technology, driven by the best people. – Verizon

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Meet three wireless network leaders who are moving the world forward as #VerizonWomenInTech.
As we start Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting three inspiring women in tech who are dynamic leaders in our Global Network and Technology (GN&T) organization. Their unique career paths have inspired others to join our network team. Let’s meet our #VerizonWomenInTech — Heidi, Kadie, and Marta!
Before she began deploying the latest technologies, Heidi Reiter crunched numbers as an actuarial analyst. At that point in her career, technology was booming and Heidi knew that she wanted in with an industry leader. Soon after, she made the courageous choice to pursue her ambitions with a technology career at Verizon.
To prepare for her new role, Heidi had to learn the ins and outs of engineering — a field in which she had no prior training. By stepping out of her comfort zone, she rose to the challenge and successfully changed career paths.
“I’ve spent my career at Verizon moving to new teams outside of my comfort zone to grow my business acumen and for the challenge,” Heidi shared. “Ultimately, I wanted to be in a role where I could impact the customer directly while supporting my community. What better way to do this than building the network?”
Today, she leads the team that designs and optimizes our 4G and 5G networks as Verizon’s Director of System Performance for the Ohio, Western PA and WV areas, and inspires other women in technology.
Heidi shares her most important piece of advice for women who are considering a career in technology.
During her college years, Kadie Gavan dreamt her bioengineering skills would take her into the medical industry. However, after venturing into network engineering and speaking with others in the field, her plans changed.
Shortly after graduation, Kadie found herself rotating through different network engineering roles as part of the Verizon Leadership Development Program (VLDP). For three years, she had the opportunity to work on everything from LTE implementation to in-building/venue systems.
Kadie talks about the most rewarding part of her technology role at Verizon.
Fast forward, Kadie has been a part of the V Team for 11 years. Today, she is a Performance Director for the Great Plains area. Alongside her team, Kadie oversees the planning, design, performance, and optimization of the wireless network across Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota.
One of Kadie’s biggest motivators is creating meaningful change day-in and day-out: “I get to be part of implementing new technology, integrating legacy systems, and operating a network that people can rely on for their day-to-day communication, businesses, and overall health!”
Marta LaCroix started her Verizon career out of college as part of a rotational program in network engineering. As she partnered with different teams, she absorbed each lesson learned and shifted her mindset to adapt quickly to new environments.
Marta shares why she made the decision to pursue a career in tech.
For Marta, the most rewarding part of her current role as Director of Network System Performance is seeing the impact of her team’s efforts not only on the network but also on the customers. She attributes her success to cultivating a variety of perspectives and viewpoints to approach challenges differently.
“When we’re troubleshooting something, we want people who can consider different issues and different solutions,” Marta said. “We want our network team to reflect our customers. This helps us consider how people use our devices across our entire customer base.”
“Our V Teamers have so many strengths. We are better together and the more diversity, the stronger we are.”
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