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All MCU Phase 5 Shows Get Disappointing Release Update From … – Screen Rant

All Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 shows, including Loki and Secret Invasion, get a release date update from Disney+ indicating changes on the way.
All Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 TV shows get a disappointing release update from Disney+. Following the end of the Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios expanded its storytelling by officially launching its small screen division via Disney+. Since then, MCU TV shows have become an integral part of the Multiverse Saga. Phase 4 started with the release of consecutive shows: WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, before its first movie hit theaters, partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. Marvel Studios is shifting the focus back on blockbusters this year with a string of films that are set to roll out in the next few months.
In between those, MCU's Disney+ shows are supposed to premiere, such as the much-anticipated Loki season 2 and Secret Invasion, but as noted by Reddit user u/KostisPat257, all confirmed series that have had previously set release windows have been changed to "Coming Soon" on the Disney+ section of the Disney's official website. The shows were set for general release windows like Winter 2023, which were announced by Marvel Studios at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, but those have since been removed.
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Just because the release windows for the confirmed MCU shows have been changed doesn't mean they're in trouble. It also doesn't guarantee many of them will be delayed, which is the primary concern when something like this happens, but it is likely changes are being made. It's possible Disney and Marvel Studios are simply looking to optimize their calendar not just in terms of what's happening in the MCU, but in relation to upcoming content from other franchises under the entertainment umbrella.
For what it's worth, several of these shows have already finished filming, so Marvel Studios has them on standby for release. Ant-Man 3 directly leads to Loki season 2, so it's unlikely they will delay its roll-out significantly. Meanwhile, Secret Invasion's marketing has already started, which indicates it is still on schedule to roll out sometime this year. The possibility that it has ties to The Marvels could mean it will premiere before the Nia DaCosta movie does.
As for the rest of the slate, it's difficult to say. Kevin Feige did confirm they are planning on scaling back in terms of the release schedule just to give themselves more time to work on projects. It also addresses oversaturation concerns from the public. Despite a slightly longer wait, this is arguably for the better considering some underwhelming results in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4.
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Source: Disney+ (via u/KostisPat257)

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