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Your Fire TV Stick can now match Sky thanks to a £35 upgrade from Amazon – Express

Amazon Fire TV Remote Pro
There’s a very simple way to improve your Fire TV Stick experience with Amazon now selling a new accessory called the Alexa Voice Remote Pro. This £35 add-on includes a number of features that Sky users have enjoyed for a while with owners treated to upgrades including full backlit keys which makes it easy to see what’s being pressed when the lights get low.
The Alexa Voice Remote Pro improves Fire TV devices thanks to backlit keys, loud alarm and customisable buttons. There’s also quick keys for fast access to popular streaming platforms and full voice search via Alexa.
A simple tap on the remote sees things light up like a Christmas tree and once you’ve seen it in action you really won’t want to go back to bland buttons that stay black. Sky first introduced a backlit remote on its Glass telly last year with the recently released Sky Stream box also now getting this upgrade.
Along with that glow-in-the-dark button boost, there’s also an easy way to track things down should this compact channel changer disappear behind the sofa. Just ask Alexa where the remote is and a loud bleep will belt out so you can find it again.
This useful audio alert is another function that’s been available on Sky for a number of years and it’s nice to see it finally making an appearance on the Fire TV Stick.
As the name suggests, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro can also be used to find content, pause TV and launch apps using Amazon’s chatty assistant. All owners have to do is press the Alexa button which sits right in the middle of the device and bark their orders at the TV which makes finding things such as popular shows or movie stars a whole lot faster.Amazon Fire TV Remote ProAmazon Fire TV Remote ProThere are some other nice bonus extras on this accessory including two buttons that can be customised to launch favourite apps or channels with just one touch. That will save endless time scrolling through menus to find the things you watch the most.
A dedicated headphone button also offers a hassle-free way to pair your wireless headphones.
Express.co.uk has been putting the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro through its paces and there’s plenty to like especially as the design is more compact than some other controllers shipped with Fire TV products.
The backlit keys are not only useful but add a quality feel to this remote plus there are the usual quick buttons which offer fast access to apps including Netflix and Prime Video.
At £35 it’s actually more expensive than the Fire TV Stick Lite but considering how much the controller gets used each day it feels like pretty good value.
It’s a shame it doesn’t offer an in-built rechargeable battery as you’ll still need to hunt around in drawers for two of those AAAs. It also doesn’t feel as premium as the Siri remote that ships with the latest Apple TV 4K.
That said, if you love your Fire TV Stick and are looking for a stocking filler before Christmas the Pro remote is definitely worth a look.
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