Apple has planned to announce new iPhone on September 10. AllThingsD who has a history of its perfect predictions has indicated that the new Apple is planning a special event to announce new iPhone, probably in San Francisco.

If, all will be true as AllThingsD sources claim, new iPhone is likely to hit shelves by the end of September or early October. There are no further details on the specifications of the phone available right now. Although, the rumors circulated in recent days suggesting Apple might introduce two different devices on the same day: a traditional flagship iPhone (perhaps called as iPhone 5S or iPhone 6) and a new device (rumored as iPhone 5C) for modest consumers made of plastic shell with generic specs and intended to attract less demanding segments of the market.


As far as we know, iPhone 5S may come with an A7 family processor, 2GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel camera with a dual LED flash, perhaps a fingerprint reader, and will be running on the latest version of iOS, Apple iOS 7.

With the introduction of new iPhone smartphones, the new iOS 7 will also go official, which is aimed to equip the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The Cupertino Calif.-based company is still mum and hasn’t made any comment on the upcoming event.

Besides, Apple is also hard at work on a new iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, a SmartWatch (perhaps called iWatch) and new OS X Mavericks, but all these products won’t debut as soon as September 10 event.