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Apple's latest AirPods Pro have hit their all-time low at Amazon – The Verge

By Sheena Vasani, a writer covering commerce, e-readers, and tech news. She previously wrote about everything from web development to AI at Inside.
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Did you give up on your New Year’s resolution to get fit a long time ago? Hey, join the club! The good news is spring brings with it sunnier days, so the idea of going out for a run should at least start to become more appealing. But in case you need an extra motivator, we’ve got another piece of good news to share: Apple’s second-gen AirPods Pro are once again on sale for $199.99 at Amazon and Walmart, matching their best price to date.
The new AirPods Pro offer better noise cancellation than their predecessor, making it super easy to tune out distractions while jogging outside or at the gym. They sound better, too, and boast some new perks, including swipe-based controls and a built-in speaker in the case that allows you to easily find your lost earbuds via Apple’s Find My app. They also come with a smaller, fourth ear tip for those who struggle to find the perfect fit. All in all, they’re one of the best wireless earbuds you can buy, especially if you already own other Apple hardware.
The second-gen AirPods Pro improve upon the original with better noise cancellation, enhanced sound quality, and onboard volume controls. The case also now has a built-in speaker that makes your misplaced AirPods easier to find.
In honor of spring, Amazon inexplicably thought it’d make sense to discount a bunch of its unrelated products. We published some of the best deals here, but one such deal is on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. Right now, you can buy the video doorbell for $174.99 ($75 off) at Amazon and Best Buy, matching the Pro 2’s best price this year.
We consider the Pro 2 one of the best wired video doorbells you can buy. Not only does it boast high-resolution 1536p HD video quality, but it can also capture your full porch thanks to its large field of view. Other useful features include accurate motion detection, along with package and people alerts. However, while it works well with Amazon Alexa, be advised that it doesn’t integrate as nicely with most other smart home platforms. Also, be aware that you’ll have to pay for the Ring Protect plan (starting at $3.99 a month) to view recorded footage and use many features, including smart alerts.
The flagship Ring doorbell has the best video quality, good connectivity, and excellent motion detection. It works smoothly with Amazon Alexa but is expensive, requires a subscription to use most features like smart alerts, and doesn’t offer 24/7 recording.
If you’re a Samsung phone owner looking for a competent smartwatch, you might want to pay close attention to today’s deal on the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Right now, you can pick up the Watch 5 in the 40mm, Bluetooth configuration for $249 ($30 off) at Amazon and Best Buy. The 45mm Watch 5 Pro, meanwhile, is available on Amazon with Bluetooth for $406.49 ($43 off), while the LTE-enabled version is down to $449.99 ($50 off) at Best Buy and Amazon.
Unlike the Watch 4, the Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro sport a temperature sensor, along with better battery life and advanced features like personalized sleep tracking. The bigger Galaxy Watch 5 Pro offers more outdoor-specific features, however, including turn-by-turn route navigation and track back for hikers and cyclists.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comes in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. It offers slightly longer battery life than the Galaxy Watch 4 and new capabilities, including the ability to measure skin temperature and analyze body composition data.

Samsung’s top-of-the-line flagship smartwatch has EKG readings, body composition analysis, turn-by-turn navigation, and a new body temperature sensor.

If you’re in the market for a tablet, Apple’s latest iPad has returned to an all-time low of $399 ($50 off) in a variety of colors on Amazon. The 10th-gen iPad sports a faster processor than its predecessor, a larger 10.9-inch screen, and USB-C, as well as a selfie cam in the middle that’s useful when using your iPad in landscape orientation.
That said, the 10th-gen iPad isn’t significantly different from the ninth-gen model. If you can do without the aforementioned changes and the tablet’s updated, iPad Air-like redesign, you can save yourself a lot of money by buying the last-gen iPad — which also happens to be on sale starting at $269 ($60 off) at both Amazon and Walmart. The 2021 iPad is still fast enough for running most tasks and, believe it or not, even comes with a headphone jack, just in case you still use wired earbuds.
Apple’s 10th-gen iPad is the spiritual successor to the older ninth-gen model. Though in exchange for its revised design, landscape-oriented webcam, USB-C port, larger 10.9-inch screen, and faster processor, it ditched the headphone jack and got more expensive.
Apple’s 2021 entry-level iPad is still a solid deal in 2023. It comes with the A13 Bionic chip, a 12-megapixel selfie camera, and 64GB of storage by default.
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