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The Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 5th Gen 2022 is a lower-cost way to add Alexa voice services to your home. It is currently $79 (RRP $99).
We won’t go into what Alexa does – that would take a very much longer article. She/it is Amazon’s cloud-based AI – to summarise
It is similar to Google Assistant in many respects, except you are now in Amazon’s world. It is most popular in the USA, where Amazon is a trusted household word. In Australia, it’s a bit different. Read Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa – the battle of the smart assistants (guide). Still, I know people in both camps that are equally enthusiastic.
It’s a 100 x 89 mm round ball with an adaptive brightness LED display that can show time and basic scrolling information. It requires power from a 12V/1.5A/15W plug adapter (shame it is not USB-C, but that would add to the cost). The adapter fits a standard-width power point.
Setup is straightforward via the Alexa app (Android and iOS). You need an Amazon account, and the only nagging feature is that it wants you to voice match and set up a profile – that is a privacy issue you need to assess. It will respond to any voice regardless of voice match.
It has a light ring around the base:
Inside is a 1.73” front-firing mono speaker that focuses on clear voice (as it should), although there is a hint of high-bass. It gets to 75dB.
It is pleasant enough, and the App has a three-band EQ.
As one that has been using voice assistants for some years and prefers not to live without them, I appreciate where Alexa has come from and where it is heading. It does everything I expect and has many ‘Skills’ (Apps) to add to the ecosystem.
The decision is simple – engage in the Amazon Alexa ecosystem or the Google Android ecosystem – OK, if you must use Siri, but that is quite limited.
If I was invested in the Amazon and Alexa ecosystem, then yes. If you use Google Assistant, then no.
Features 85
It is a basic mono Alexa speaker with a temperature sensor, ultrasonic movement sensor and Led Dot readout.
Value: 90
It’s the best entry point for Alexa
Performance: 85
Voice is clear, but not for music lovers. Otherwise, it does everything you expect from Alexa.
Ease of Use: 85
Set-up is easy via the App, but it nags you to set up a profile, and you need to look at the default privacy settings.
Design: 90
Cute and practical
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