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Is MrBeast becoming Kick CEO? New tweet sparks rumors – Sportskeeda

The latest Twitter exchanges between popular YouTube creator Jimmy “MrBeast” and the streaming platform Kick’s official handle have sparked some intriguing discussions within the online community. It all began when Kick posted a tweet hinting at some big developments, to which MrBeast responded with a cryptic eyes emoji. Kick then quoted MrBeast’s response and candidly stated that they would make him the CEO of the platform if the tweet got just one like.
Although the entire conversation was made in jest, it’s worth noting that MrBeast has been engaging with Kick’s tweets fairly often lately, which has sparked discussions about a potential partnership between the popular YouTuber and Kick.
At the moment, the idea of MrBeast becoming the CEO of Kick may be nothing more than a playful fancy. However, considering the sheer amount of resources at his disposal as well as his international influence, it’s certainly possible that he could join the platform as an investor. It must be noted that there has been no official confirmation from either party regarding such a possibility.
The recent Twitter exchanges between Jimmy and Kick have sparked discussions about the possibility of the popular YouTuber joining the platform as a streamer or potentially partnering up with them for a collaboration.
In response to the online buzz, Jimmy made a modest statement indicating that he was merely enjoying the developments, suggesting that there may not be anything more to it.
Despite the fact that Jimmy is primarily a content creator rather than a typical streamer, his involvement with the platform could potentially bring a lot of value by attracting a larger audience and promoting its offerings.
Ultimately, the decision to pursue a partnership would depend on the specific goals of both Jimmy and Kick, as well as any potential challenges or concerns that may arise (Kick has gained notoriety for gambling and sexually explicit streams).
MrBeast is not the only prominent figure who has been associated with Kick. Trainwreckstv recently tweeted that they are recruiting six major figures for the platform, one of whom has already been announced as Hikaru Nakamura.
(Timestamp: 00:16:20)
The identities of the other five streamers have yet to be revealed, but there has been speculation about Guy “Dr DisRespect” potentially joining Kick. The former Twitch streamer addressed these rumors in a recent livestream, lashing out at insistent fans:
He iterated:
Several other notable names, including Felix “xQc,” Kai Cenat, Josh “YourRAGE,” Bruce “BruceDropEmOff,” and Cody “Clix,” have all been rumored to be joining the controversial platform.
It’s worth noting that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins does have a verified page on Kick and isn’t streaming exclusively on any platform right now, potentially making him free to stream on Kick. Nevertheless, none of these rumored partnerships have been officially confirmed yet.
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