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Amazon Fire TV Stick block may force you to buy a new remote control – Express

Amazon Fire TVFire TV Stick users have long been able to mess about with the buttons on their remote but it seems this much-loved customisation is about to come to a sudden end. Those wanting to tweak what each button does, have been able to make changes thanks to a neat Remapper app which offers the ability to switch things to suit your viewing tastes. As you might be aware, almost all Fire TV remotes come with dedicated buttons for apps such as Netflix and Disney+ but if you don’t use these services Remapper lets you adapt what these launch.
The incredible Alexa Voice Remote Pro boasts backlit keys, customisable buttons, and the ability to belt out a sound to help you find it when it gets lost down the back of the sofa! It’s compatible with almost Fire TV devices available now
For example, a simple change means tapping the dedicate Netflix button could see Paramount+ springing up on the screen or hitting the featured Disney+ switch may load a favourite game instead.
Since it launched two years ago, Remapper has proven to be pretty popular but it appears the end could be in sight.
A recent software update – pushed out to the Fire TV Stick 4K Max – is now blocking the functionality of the Remapper which means it no longer works.
In a post on AFTnews, its creator Elias Saba explained that, “Amazon has pushed out a software update to select Fire TV devices that prevents customers from remapping the app shortcut buttons at the bottom of Fire TV remotes.”
READ MORE: Freesat glitch frustrates TV users but Freeview appears unaffected for nowAmazon Fire TV StickSo far it appears that only the 4K TV Max is affected but Saba expects more Fire devices to be hit by the changes soon.
Anyone who has enjoyed the option of switching up the buttons on their remote might now want to consider buying something new from Amazon.
The online retailer recently launched its new Pro controller which not only gets backlit keys and a dedicated Bluetooth headphone switch but also two extra buttons that can be configured to your tastes.
Just like that now-banned Remapper option, these buttons can be customised to launch favourite apps, games or channels with just one touch. That will save endless time scrolling through menus to find the things you watch the most.
Along with those additional features the Pro remote also offers an easy way to track it down should it disappear behind the sofa. Just ask Alexa where the remote is and a loud bleep will belt out so you can find it again.
Anyone who wants all of these features will find the Pro remote on Amazon’s online store. The only sticking point is its £34.99 asking price which is the same cost as buying Amazon’s Fire TV Stick Lite.
If you think this accessory is worth the cash you can find full details below.
• Amazon Fire TV Pro Remote • £34.99 – SEE THE DEAL HERE
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