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Foundation's season 2 trailer is a battle 100 years in the making – The Verge

By Andrew Webster, an entertainment editor covering streaming, virtual worlds, and every single Pokémon video game. Andrew joined The Verge in 2012, writing over 4,000 stories.
It’s going to be a sci-fi summer over on Apple TV Plus. The streaming service is getting a second season of the epic series Foundation in July, and a new trailer gives a good sense of what viewers can expect: namely, a much more action-packed experience compared to season 1.
The new season takes place a century after the previous one and has the Empire, led by a menacing Lee Pace as Brother Day, preparing for an all-out conflict with the titular Foundation, a group led by Hari Seldon (Jared Harris).
Here’s the basic setup:
As the Cleons unravel, a vengeful queen plots to destroy Empire from within. Hari, Gaal, and Salvor discover a colony of Mentalics with psionic abilities that threaten to alter psychohistory itself. The Foundation has entered its religious phase, promulgating the Church of Seldon throughout the Outer Reach and inciting the Second Crisis: war with Empire.
Apple TV Plus has had a pretty solid run of genre television this year, with the likes of the climate change drama Extrapolations, the retrofuturistic Hello Tomorrow, the small-town postapocalyptic mystery Silo, and a final season of the psychological thriller Servant.
Season 2 of Foundation will join those series when the first of 10 episodes premieres on July 14th.
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