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MrBeast 'Arrested' in Prank Video – GameRant

A recent video shows the popular YouTube creator known as MrBeast getting arrested by police in another content creator’s prank video.
The YouTube sensation known as MrBeast got arrested in a recent prank video, completely blindsiding the popular content creator. Those who are familiar with one of YouTube's biggest stars probably wouldn't expect MrBeast to ever get into trouble with the law, but the latest video from a fellow content creator makes it happen with some sneaky planning.
In recent years, MrBeast has been able to build an incredibly successful career and brand from his YouTube content that regularly amasses millions of views on the site. Known for his big budget videos that get wilder with each upload, MrBeast's content is a huge undertaking due to the extensive production that goes behind each new video. From creating a real life version of Squid Game to recently working on a project that required around four thousand hours worth of editing, MrBeast's ambitions to go bigger and better with every video has made him one of the most popular names on the internet. Although he can sometimes be divisive, MrBeast has a generally meek demeanor that makes him seem unlikely to get into trouble with the law, but thanks to fellow creator Airrack's latest video, MrBeast found himself in a situation many wouldn't expect.
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Airrack, another YouTube creator known for outlandish videos, pulls a prank on MrBeast that involves him actually getting arrested. After five days of trying to pull off the prank, Airrack gets help from actual police officers while visiting MrBeast in his hometown in North Carolina. As the cops pull MrBeast over, citing tinted windows as the reason for stopping him, they claim they have a warrant out for his arrest and cuff him.
While one cop drives MrBeast to the police station, another cop follows behind as Airrack watches from the backseat. Although this situation would put most people into panic mode, MrBeast is incredibly calm through the entire ordeal, even suspecting it's a prank early on. The YouTube star calmly goes through the process of getting booked, having his mugshot taken, and even going into a holding cell until Airrack finally lets him know it was all just a prank, leaving MrBeast impressed at the effort Airrack put into a joke.
As the platforms of content creators grow, YouTube stars like MrBeast are gaining immense power that allows them to go to great lengths for things as simple as a prank video. It's fascinating to see what content creators choose to do in order to make their new videos even bigger than the last, and there aren't any signs of these creators slowing down.
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