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"Guess I have to watch the Super Bowl": Fans ecstatic after MrBeast … – Sportskeeda

YouTube sensation Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has taken to Twitter ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs to announce that he will be in an advertisement while the event airs to millions of spectators around the nation.
Hours before the much-anticipated championship game for the NFL, the YouTuber made this tweet, which has since received thousands of responses:
The tweet has seen ample reactions from fans excited to watch their favorite YouTuber’s commercial during the event. One fan’s reply implied that MrBeast’s ad during the Super Bowl was his primary reason for viewing the broadcast:
MrBeast is known for his entrepreneurial mindset, having dipped his toes in the fast food industry and candy market with products such as Beast Burgers and Feastables. This is why getting an ad spot during the Super Bowl is quite in line with his over-the-top persona, especially considering how expensive those are.
According to recent reports, a 30-second ad during the event is set to cost a whopping $7 million in 2023, half-million more than the previous year. Here’s a breakdown of the history of commercials featured at the event for those interested to know why the ad space costs so much.
For a multitude of fans on Twitter, the news he broke was quite a welcome one as many flooded his replies in anticipation. Some thought that it could be about promoting his YouTube channel.
MrBeast’s manager even replied to the post, asking him to take it down. The YouTuber replied in a nonchalant way, and this interaction also attracted quite a few eyeballs.
Here are some more general reactions from fans showing their excitement about the announcement:
A few tweets were also about MrBeast joining Twitter as its CEO, which comes months after the YouTuber had quite a public conversation with Elon Musk about him getting the top job at the company.
Thanks to his consistent output videos that end up going viral, Jimmy Donaldson has become one of the most well-known individuals on YouTube in recent years. With over 133 million subscribers on his main channel, the American personality recently defeated PewDiePie to claim the title of YouTube’s most subbed content creator.
He was recently in the news for some backlash involving one of his recent videos where he “cured” several people of blindness by funding their eye surgeries. Twitch star HasanAbi had a few choice words for the video while reacting to it during a stream.
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