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Best TV Series Coming to Apple TV+ in May 2023 – MovieWeb

From the most anticipated documentary to a witty detective series, these are the best TV series coming to Apple TV+ in May 2023.
Apple TV+, one of the most popular streaming services, has long been a go-to source for high-quality TV shows. Throughout the years, the platform has provided a variety of show genres, such as humor, science fiction, mystery, drama, and action.
Only a month ago, we saw the release of several intriguing shows like Jane, a family adventure series, and Drops of God, an exceptionally unique concept about wine and heritage.
As usual, just like how we compiled a great list of the best TV series coming to Apple TV+ in April, this month will be no exception. Whether it's a long-awaited sequel to a pioneering documentary or a science fiction thriller series with a survival twist, audiences will have a great time binge-watching these shows. Having said that, here are the best TV series coming to Apple TV+ in May 2023.
Apple TV+ intends to kick off May with a truly extraordinary concept reminiscent of The CW's The 100. Silo, a new series starring Rebecca Ferguson, is set in a dystopian future in which the last ten thousand survivors of humanity live in bunkers to shield themselves from the toxic and dangerous world outside.
However, no one knows when the silo is built, and those who try to find out about it suffer the harshest consequences. Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson), an engineer who loses a loved one to murder, decides to investigate and discovers a maze of clues that may reveal the truth about the silo.
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City on Fire is a short mystery series from Apple TV+ that will premiere on May 12 and is likely the most overlooked show of the month. The series, produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, is based on Garth Risk Hallberg's novel. The official website of Apple TV+ describes the synopsis as follows:
In "City on Fire," an NYU student is shot in Central Park on the Fourth of July, 2003. Samantha is alone; there are no witnesses and very little physical evidence. Her friends' band is playing at her favorite downtown club but she leaves to meet someone, promising to return. She never does. As the crime against Samantha is investigated, she's revealed to be the crucial connection between a series of mysterious citywide fires, the downtown music scene, and a wealthy uptown real estate family fraying under the strain of the many secrets they keep.
As if we didn't already have enough entertaining shows on Apple TV+, the company is bringing us another comedy series, but this time something distinct. High Desert is an upcoming comedy series created by Nancy Fichman, Katie Ford, and Jennifer Hoppe-House.
Peggy (Patricia Arquette) is an on-again, off-again drug addict who decides to change her life after losing her loving mother in the small desert town of Yucca Valley, California. She makes a life-altering decision to become a private investigator, but life has yet to show her the real challenges an investigator faces.
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Prehistoric Planet is possibly the pinnacle of a documentary that you can attain, as Apple TV+ demonstrated how an exceptional documentary on Earth's prehistoric age should be made.
This award-winning natural history series, narrated by Sir David and composed by Hans Zimmer, has been renewed for a second season. The creative director of Apple TV+ Europe revealed what we might expect from the documentary's second season. As he put it,
"The award-winning first season of 'Prehistoric Planet' brought dinosaurs back to life in a way global audiences had never seen before. Collaborating with the brilliant Jon Favreau and our fantastic partners at the BBC, we are thrilled that viewers will once again have the opportunity to be immersed in the wonders of our world as it was 66 million years ago and to experience even more weird and wonderful creatures in season two."
Platonic, as the title implies, reflects an intimate and embracing love story between two friends. The upcoming comedy romance series is created by Nick Stoller and Francesca Delbanco and stars Seth Rogen and Rose Bryne. The series, which consists of ten half-hour episodes, represents a pair of former best friends who reconnect after several years apart.
During their midlife crisis, however, they recognize their feelings for each other. With both confronting their own problems, how can they overcome their differences to share their burdens and celebrate their past together? Platonic will premiere on Apple TV+ on May 24.
While these are the series we believe will have the most impact on audiences in May, there are plenty of other shows to look forward to on the streaming platform. For example, series like Ted Lasso season 3 and Schmigadoon! season 2, which aired in April, are still on the air. In addition, famous shows like Harriet the Spy and Stillwater will get new installments in the coming month.

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