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Amazon’s Echo Show 8 drops to $75 in new smart display sale – Engadget

If you missed the chance to buy the Echo Show 8 when it was discounted to $75 at the start of April, Amazon has once again reduced the smart display to that price. The $55 cut means the Echo Show 8 is only $5 more than it was during Black Friday last year. If you’ve been eyeing one of Amazon’s larger smart displays, the retailer has also reduced the price of the Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 15. You can get the company’s largest smart display for $214.98, down from $279.98. Meanwhile, the Echo Show 10 is currently priced at $185.
The Echo Show 8 is one of the best smart displays you can buy. While it’s a few years old now, the Show 8 offers a compelling mix of features for an affordable price. Its 8-inch, 1,280 x 800 resolution display is large enough to make viewing photos and taking part in video calls comfortable, but the Show 8’s screen isn’t so large the device will look out of place in your kitchen or bedroom. At the same time, the Show 8’s built-in speakers are powerful enough to fill a small room. And if you’re worried about privacy, the Show 8 ships with a physical camera shutter and mic mute button.
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