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GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update download size for Xbox … – Sportskeeda

The Winter DLC for GTA Online has arrived across all platforms, and the download size has also been revealed. Popular GTA Tweeter, Tez2 has just tweeted the details for the update size on Xbox Seris X/S along with the download size for other platforms.
The Winter DLC has a download size of just over 13 GB for Xbox, and on PlayStation 5, the update has a download size of close to 5 GB. On PC, the download size is the smallest thus far, at around 3 GB.
Players on PC can head to either the Rockstar Games Launcher, Steam, or Epic Games with respect to where the game has been downloaded from and download the update.
Gamers on PS4 and PS5 can check the game library, press the “Options” button while hovering over GTA 5, and click “Check for Update” from the side menu. Once the update arrives, the download should start immediately.
Gamers on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S can check the “Games & apps” section on their consoles. Under “Updates”, players can check if there’s an update displayed for the game and download it once it lands in their respective regions.
At the time of this article, the other updates seen so far include the game’s new story-driven missions. As of now, there are six missions reported:
A new business has also been uncovered with the DLC’s launch:
The new business looks to be part of a cab company, and the description reads as such:
The game has also received a brand-new garage with multi-story parking. The new garage will cost players $2,740,000 and is expected to accommodate around 50 vehicles.
Players are also reporting ray-traced visual updates in the game, with shadows and reflections seen on all windows and surfaces. Gamers on new-gen consoles should see these visual upgrades once they update the game and launch them.
Finally, the update also brings in new vehicles. This was long expected with the Winter DLC in GTA Online, and now that the update is available across all platforms, players should be able to purchase new vehicles.

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