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YouTube app for Windows Phone is back on Store [Update]


The YouTube app for Windows Phone is back and available on Windows Phone Store after making absence of few months. The app, developed by Microsoft and not Google, had withdrawn in May when Google reported some violation of YouTube’s terms of service and the use of non-compliant YouTube API. The older YouTube app from Microsoft allowed to download online videos and prevented the advertisements in videos.

With the removal of the app, Microsoft and Google had gone together and worked to make a new version that would respect the terms of service of YouTube. Thus, YouTube for Windows Phone has returned and available on Windows Phone Store adjourning to release and can be installed on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.x.

Many of the new features has introduced in this new version of the app. The app now allows you to upload videos by signing-in your account through Wi-Fi or via 3G network. Now the video ads appear before the launch of the video as required by Google.

The other main features include the management of playlists, sharing videos on social networks and via email and text messages, and integration of Kid’s Corner — a feature in Windows Phone 8 where parents and guardians can effectively manage apps and games for their children.

Most of other features borrowed from the previous version of the app, such as account management and the ability to view videos in HD, but the app drops the ability to download the video offline.

Want YouTube for Windows Phone? Go and grab it in the Windows Phone Store.

Update: Google has blocked the YouTube app, which is unusable now. Google said, “The new update still continues to violate the terms of use of YouTube.” Microsoft is working with Google to “resolve the issue,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

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