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MrBeast lambasts FaZe Clan, claims "not a single person he met … – Sportskeeda

On March 22, 2023, YouTube star Jimmy “MrBeast” lambasted FaZe Clan on Twitter after the esports organization spoke about the latest controversies involving its founding members.
A number of Faze Clan’s founding members have criticized the organization and its management over the last few months.
In a social media update, FaZe Clan stated that it has not been the organization it “needed to be” and is “working hard” to fix it. The update reads:
MrBeast took to Twitter to slam FaZe Clan, claiming that when he visited the organization, “not a single person” knew how to create “good content.”
The YouTuber’s tweet read:
MrBeast’s response to FaZe Clan’s address went viral on Twitter, garnering over 12.7k likes and over 230 reactions. Drama Alert host Daniel “Keemstar” commented:
According to prominent esports personality Jacob Wolf, the “answer” lies somewhere in the middle.
Wolf claimed that the founding members of FaZe Clan “don’t know” how to run such a large business. He added that the company was “over-indexed” toward the corporate side:
Full Squad Gaming CEO and NRG-affiliated content creator Grady Rains wrote:
Meanwhile, Twitter user @gurgavin claimed that MrBeast could potentially buy out the entire esports organization for around $20 to $30 million:
Here are some more relevant fan reactions:
On November 30, 2022, Nordan “Rain” shared cryptic Instagram Stories claiming that he had to “expose everyone involved” for who they were. The following month (December 8, 2022), the content creator confirmed that the allegations he made were against FaZe Clan.
According to Rain, the “company” sold out the brand for which he sacrificed his entire childhood. He also claimed that he never made a dime from the organization
Earlier this month, on March 13, 2023, Teeqo took to his YouTube channel and uploaded a video titled, “Dear FaZe Clan.” In the video, he called out the organization’s management for failing to adequately care for its founding members.
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