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How to create a black crosshair in Valorant – Sportskeeda

One of the features that can be customized in Valorant according to the player’s preference is the crosshair settings and design. Valorant is one of the most popular tactical FPS titles out there.
Valorant players from the community are always looking for ways they can play better and rank up. Other than upgrading their system, game sense, and other things that can cost a lot of money or time, one of the easiest ways to up one’s game is by modifying the in-game settings to suit their style of play.
Making adjustments to the crosshair is one of the easiest ways that players can hope to come out on top more often in the game.
There are quite a lot of factors that can help a player be victorious in a 1v1 scenario. Gamers need the correct sensitivity settings and the perfect mouse in order to keep winning battles. That said, sometimes, the perfect crosshair can serve to make a player feel like a god on the battlefield.
There are quite a few colors that players can apply to their crosshair, but there isn’t an option to instantly switch its color to black in Valorant. Gamers are yet to receive complete customization options in the form of an RGB color wheel. Thankfully, players can turn their crosshair black with the other options in the settings menu.
To get a black crosshair, Valorant gamers need to do the following:
If all the above steps are followed correctly, the resulting product should be a black crosshair.
Launched in June 2020, Valorant soon reached the top of the charts as the developers at Riot Games put a lot of effort into making the game devoid of cheaters. The company also releases updates at regular intervals to keep the community engaged. There are also new skins and other items in the title that make playing a worthwhile experience.
The esports scene also saw some of the top CS: GO talent join the Valorant scene. Overwatch and Apex pros also started to shift to the new shooter in town, and all of this serves as a testament to how popular the title has become in just a couple of years.
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