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WhatsApp introduces Toggle feature for instant video messaging: How to use it | Mint – Mint

WhatsApp is introducing a toggle feature in its beta version for Android and iOS that allows users to manually enable or disable the recently added instant video messaging feature. This toggle can be found in the app’s settings, giving users more control over their messaging experience. 
Even with the feature turned off, users can still receive video messages. This update will be available to more users in the coming days and enhances WhatsApp’s existing video messaging capabilities, allowing users to send short, end-to-end encrypted video messages of up to 60 seconds.
As reported by WABetaInfo, the recent updates for WhatsApp beta on iOS (version and Android (version have introduced a new toggle option for the instant video messaging feature. This toggle allows users to manually enable or disable the feature within the app’s settings. When turned off, users can switch to sending voice messages instead. It is worth noting that even with this feature turned off, users will still receive video messages on their phones.
The report also mentioned that a number of users have already noticed the feature being deactivated. Therefore, individuals who wish to send instant video messages are advised to review their WhatsApp settings.
To access this new feature, users can obtain the latest WhatsApp beta for Android from the Google Play Store or WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app. It is expected that this feature will gradually become available to more users in the upcoming days.
The Meta owned application recently rolled out a feature that allows users to record and send short video messages. To use this feature, users will find a video recorder icon located next to the text input box, similar to the voice recording feature. By tapping on this icon, they can create and send real-time video messages lasting up to 60 seconds. 
It is worth noting that these video messages are also end-to-end encrypted for added privacy. By default, when received, these videos play without sound. To enable sound for the video message, users simply need to tap on the video once. 
Additionally, WhatsApp already provides the option to send images or pre-recorded videos as media attachments within text messages.
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