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When Will Haunted Mansion Release On Disney Plus? – Screen Rant

Haunted Mansion releases in theaters first before it moves to streaming. Here is when Haunted Mansion will likely release on Disney Plus and Digital.
Disney's 2023 remake Haunted Mansion releases in theaters first, but it will eventually move to streaming on Disney Plus. Based on the popular Disneyland ride that is over 50 years old, Haunted Mansion stars Rosario Dawson, Lakeith Stanfield, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, Danny DeVito, and more. It represents an updated telling of the premise from the ride and was previously brought to the screen in 2003's movie starring Eddie Murphy. Haunted Mansion is directed by Justin Simien and makes its anticipated debut exclusively in theaters on July 28, 2023.
The Haunted Mansion story follows a single mother named Gabbie, played by Dawson, and her son as they move into a mansion and discover it is haunted. This leads them to bring paranormal investigators, priests, psychics, and more as parts of Haunted Mansion's cast to the home to try and eliminate the supernatural beings haunting the mansion. While the first opportunity to see it comes in theaters, the Disney movie will eventually be released on Disney Plus as well. The Haunted Mansion streaming release provides another option for audiences to check it out, and here is what is known about when it will be available at home.
It is expected that Haunted Mansion's Disney Plus release date will come in October 2023. Disney has begun to follow a new formula for when the majority of its movies are released on streaming after doing away with the 45-day theatrical window. While there have been exceptions to the new rule, like Avatar: The Way of Water, the majority of Disney's movies release on streaming three months after their debut in theaters. Since the remake based on the theme park ride opens on July 28, 2023, that would point to late October 2023 as when Haunted Mansion will release on Disney Plus.
An October release for Haunted Mansion on Disney Plus would be perfect timing for Disney it seems. Waiting three months from the movie's theatrical debut means that Haunted Mansion's streaming release date could be right before or exactly on Halloween. This would be ideal for Disney as it would give the streaming a somewhat family-friendly movie that can be watched as part of any spooky festivities. That is why questions about why Disney would release a "horror movie" in July could be a moot point. The studio might have preferred a Halloween-timed Disney Plus release over fixing Haunted Mansion's box office mistake.
If the movie comes to Disney Plus in October, then Haunted Mansion could be available to watch at home on Digital about a month before. This is the timeline that Disney has operated with for the majority of its recent releases. There is even a chance that Haunted Mansion releases on Digital sooner than late September 2023 if the movie does not draw big crowds at the box office, as Disney could look to recoup some of its losses this way. In any case, those waiting to watch Haunted Mansion at home on Digital or Disney Plus should be able to do so in time for the Halloween season.

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