Apple has acquired the startup for about $1-1.5 million. is a small company, founded in 2012, which developed an app for iOS where users could access and enjoy a large database of over 250,000 titles, taken from the most popular and important video services such as Netflix, iTunes and Hulu. In addition, the app used to suggest users about new releases, the most popular video and allowed access to reviews of movies. The very same streaming service was also accessible via the web.

However, the app and the web service were gone in May without an official explanation while the CEO of, Guy Piekarz said that the startup was working towards a new, but unspecified direction. With the acquisition of the startup by Apple, all the pieces of the puzzle are in place and clear why was gone all of a sudden.

Apple is not new to the acquisition of small businesses, by which Apple adds new brilliant minds to their staff. Though in this particular case, the acquisition of a startup operating in streaming services would mean the Cupertino California-based Company’s desire to improve the services offered with its Apple TV.

In fact, the integration of in the Apple TV would be able to provide users a better and more immersive experience of the services included in the streaming set-top box. In addition, could also be one of the pillars of the much talked about iTV, although Apple has never been clear about his plans in the television market.