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Why Hulu will likely stream Attack on Titan final season part 3 … – Sportskeeda

The third part of Attack On Titan‘s final season is almost nearing its release date. It will mark the conclusion of the fan favorite anime that has been on air since 2013. The final part will be further divided into two cours, with the first cour slated to premiere with an hour-long special episode.
The latest part is scheduled to be released on several streaming platforms, and fans of the anime are expecting Hulu to be one of them. Despite no official announcement from Hulu yet, viewers think the network is likely to release the upcoming season as well, given that the previous installments of Attack On Titan are available to stream on the site.
Attack On Titan‘s season 4 has just one part left to conclude the entire series. The main premiere will take place in Japan on March 3, 2023. However, fans across the world can also watch the season premiere during the time of its release in Japan.
The much awaited part of the final season is only a day away from its premiere, and netizens are discussing the possibility of its release on Hulu as well. This is primarily because the network comprises all the prior installments of Attack on Titan for streaming. Some fans on social media are also discussing undisclosed sources confirming the news of a Hulu release.
Hence, Hulu subscribers are hoping they can stream the episodes once they are uploaded on the site.
Chrunchyroll and Funimation will be taking on the responsibility of streaming part 3 of the final season. However, as mentioned, the special episode will be streamed as three separate episodes with their original names. Hopefully, most fans of Attack On Titan will get what they are expecting.
The Dawn of Humanity established the relationship between Eren and Mikasa, and it is believed that it will be resolved before the series’ finale. There are many untapped levels in the Yaeger brothers’ relationship. Attack on Titan viewers will be intrigued by the forthcoming episode as they learn more about the intricate manipulation between the brothers.
Mikasa’s interactions with Jean, who has always been fond of her, might change significantly. The hypothesis is based on a dream, or maybe a flash-forward, that was depicted in the second part and showed Mikasa and Jean living a happy life in the future with a child.
The series finale is crucial because it will finally put an end to the battle between Paradis and Marley. Eren has begun rumbling and is getting ready to launch an overwhelming Wall Titan army attack on Marley. Meanwhile, Mikasa and the Survey Corps are committed to stopping Eren from causing further harm.
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