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Marketing Jobs and Career Opportunities – Lead. Create. Launch. – Verizon

Lead. Create. Launch.
Be a part of the energy that’s evolving the brand. Join our creative marketing group in NYC and work alongside some of the best agency people in the industry. Explore roles from Creative Directors and Producers to Copywriters and Designers.
Be a part of the team that’s making an impact, from managing campaigns and sponsorships on a national and local level, to shaping the media strategy and driving activation initiatives.
Work alongside product marketing experts in consumer, digital, B2B, operations and more, creating strategies that maintain the integrity of the Verizon brand.
Our customers are everything. That’s why we’re building a team that can ensure they have the best experience across all channels and touchpoints. Learn about careers from Insights to Experience Design.
“Verizon's commitment to diversity and inclusion is critical in ensuring that each employee has an opportunity to be impacted by thoughts, ideas, and experiences from a broad cross-section of people.”
“Business customer requirements are at the center of everything we do as we deliver on the promise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”
This one-of-a-kind marketing fellowship program is designed to create greater diversity and inclusion in the industry. Emerging talent can explore career paths, gain real-world experience and network with industry leaders during this 8-month integrated immersion experience.
Meet our new Verizon Consumer Local and Segment Marketing team that’s meeting our customers in their communities.
Our military V Teamers share their stories of service.
If you’re interested in shaping the future by working with emerging tech, collaborating with key partners in the industry, and strategizing on how to create new business opportunities, a role on these Verizon Teams may be for you.
Even if you’re not a V Teamer (yet), we’d love to keep you in the loop. We can’t help it—connection is kind of our thing. So be sure to sign up to become part of our network.