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Google Chrome 115 is now available: discover the new features – Gizchina.com

Google Chrome, the popular web browser used by millions of people worldwide, is getting a new update. The 115th edition of Chrome is now available in the beta phase on all compatible platforms. This update brings several important changes that will soon be available to all users of the browser.
One of the most notable changes in Chrome 115 is the introduction of reading mode. This mode provides a streamlined interface that makes it easy to read articles on the web. With more and more people reading articles on their mobile devices, this feature is sure to be a hit. To access this mode, users will need to activate a hidden setting called chrome://flags/#read-anything.
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In addition to reading mode, the update also includes an updated multimedia content player with a more intuitive interface. The memory-saving function that was introduced in a previous version of Chrome now has a panel that displays how much memory has been saved by using the tool. This is great news for users who often have many tabs open at once. And need to conserve their computer’s memory.
Chrome 115 also includes a significant security update. The browser will now always try to elevate HTTP requests to HTTPS to offer more secure connections. This means that users can feel more confident that their data is being transmitted securely.
To experience all these changes, users will need to download the beta version of Google Chrome and update to the latest version. However, if users prefer to remain on the stable version of the browser, they will need to wait a few days until Google releases the update for everyone.
Overall, the new version of Chrome promises to enhance the browsing experience for users. With improved security, streamlined reading mode, and a more intuitive multimedia content player. As always, Google continues to prioritize user experience and security in its updates to Chrome. The company has made it clear that it is committed to providing a safe, fast, and reliable browsing experience for all its users. With these new features, it seems like Google is living up to its promise.
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Hopefully This update will fix the Page Unresponsive problems on the current version of chrome


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