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Google Pixel 8 Pro may have a built-in thermometer, leaks suggest | Mint – Mint

Latest leaks suggest that Google’s Pixel 8 Pro smartphone could come with a built-in thermometer. The design of the Pixel 8 Pro looks quite similar to its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro. However, instead of having three separate cameras like the 7 Pro, the Pixel 8 Pro is said to have a camera bar that houses all the cameras and the thermometer sensor.

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As per a report by 91 Mobiles, the dedicated thermometer sensor will be able to measure the temperature of humans and objects. The new sensor is expected to be only available on the Pixel 8 Pro and might not be available on the cheaper Pixel 8 model. The report claims that Google employees are already testing out the new Pixel 8 Pro. 
A leaked video from 91mobiles shows how users will be able to take their temperature with the Pixel 8 Pro. The leaked video shows that in order to use the thermometer, Pixel users will have to remove any accessories that cover their temples or forehead. They will then need to bring the phone closer to their face, without touching the skin, and then move the phone around for 5 seconds to get a reading from the thermometer.
The Pixel 8 series is expected to be launched in October this year. Pixel 8 Pro is expected to come powered by yet unreleased Tensor G3 chipset and sport a 6.52-inch display which is smaller than last year’s smartphone. It could also come with a 50 MP Samsung camera in the back and a punch-hole camera for selfies. 
Google unveiled its Pixel 7a smartphone at the I/O 2023 event on May 10. The Android maker also released the GPixel Fold smartphone and the Pixel Tablet at the same event. Powered by the Tensor G2 chipset, the Pixel 7a is available at a price of 43,999 in India. 
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